I have been leading playshops to free the spirit,
promote peace and community, and let our inner fools loose since 2009.
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Here a sample of the classes that I teach.
Classes are catered for different lengths and populations,
as well as configured to create unique offerings.

The red nose is the smallest mask in the world. When you wear it, the rest of yourself is revealed.
The clown state is one of deep naivety, wonder, emotional responsiveness, and playful stupidity. It is who we are when we take off our adult-ness, our politeness, and our scheming to succeed and belong. It is who we were before anyone ever told us that we are too loud, too silly, too awkward, too clumsy, or too weird. In clown workshops will dive into this state of wonder and absurdity, listening tenderly for the beautiful little voice of the body that longs to be heard and seen, and find the magic of letting our inner idiot run the show.
You will laugh at yourself. We will laugh at you. You will laugh at everyone else. And we will all fall deeper in love with our ridiculous humanity.

Theater of Liberation
Following the tradition of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, we use embodied games to explore power in society and in our lives, so that can make conscious choices around how to respond to it and work with it.
This art-form is specifically created for all people, not just actors. People who want to strengthen their ties to community, who want to explore how power plays out in their lives and how they can be more conscientious of to respond within power dynamics, who like to play, and who engage more fully in their lives.

Consent: The Art of Intimacy
Consent is so much more than saying yes or no.  It is learning how to know what we want and ask for it, how to navigate different desires, and how to give wholeheartedly from within our own clear boundaries.  In doing so we create real connection with respect and compassion, from the heart.  This class is part talk and part exploration, suitable for all ages, and applicable to friendships, intimate relationships, working relationships, and more. It draws on the Wheel of Consent, created by Betty Martin, as well as somatic exploration.

Games for Connection and Community Building
Based on two decades of movement exploration, these workshops pull games from team building exercises, Theater of the Oppressed, The Work that Reconnects, Acroyoga, wilderness therapy, and more. The games are designed to explore questions around the fundamental of fabric of what is required to be in community, and what skills we needin order to walk new pathways together.  Be ready to have fun and be surprised at how deep you can go by playing games together.

Story Bridge uses true personal stories and creative expression to engage deep dialogue, enable authentic relationship building, and facilitate individual and community transformation.
Story Bridge provides an amazing framework whereby participants share personal, meaningful stories, and then weave those stories to a larger story that is acted out and performed for the larger community… all in one day!
A simple structure but powerful in it’s personal, community-oriented, unpolished realness. No experience necessary, just a willingness to share stories and time with others.
A huge thank you to StoryBridge director/founder Richard Geer for sharing of his process and discoveries with such vulnerability and generosity.

Contact Improvisation
Contact Improvisation is a movement practice involving an open-ended exploration of listening and connection with one’s self, others, and the surroundings, through spontaneous, moving points of contact through the physical principles of touch, momentum, and shared weight.
This dance practice explores the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted, centering and breathing techniques, and responsiveness to our partners and surroundings.
CI includes aspects of physics, meditation, Aikido, playfulness, and much more.  

AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. It is a movement fusion of yoga, dance, therapeutics, and acrobatics, finding new ways that bodies can find balance together through the structure of the floor through the skeleton and muscles.  But it is more than a physical form.
AcroYoga helps people from all cultures connect with each other through the common language of play. Through movement, play, creativity, and communication, we have the potential to enter into meaningful connection as we take risks, build trust, and have fun with one another.
The classes are designed in the AcroYogaMontreal tradition which focuses on creativity and exploration within the form. Check out www.Acroyoga.com for inspirational photos and videos!
These classes can be made accessible and engaging to absolute beginners as well as to those with a more advanced Acroyoga practice.