As a local face painter in Asheville, NC, who also works as a henna temporary tattoo artist, I specialize in creating magical experiences for the young at heart.

I have been working in kids party entertainment and celebrations for all ages for over six years. Whether you are a parent wanting to hire a face painter for a birthday party or event, a company looking to create a fun corporate event for clients and staff, adults wanting to add a joyful vibe to a festive celebration, or women organizing a special women’s circle, you’ve come to the right place.

You want to be sure that you’ve found the right face painter/ body artist for your special event.

Fortunately, my years of experience, combined with quality, reliability, safety, and personality, create a magical experience for every single person.

My style:
I have a unique style. I bring a professional massage table and have each person lie down and relax to get decorated.
For henna, you are welcome to lie down or sit comfortably. I also focus on all body positivity and use full consent practices in my work, including answering all questions, finding designs that work for for each individual,
and reminding everyone of their beauty and worth.

My supplies:
I use all nontoxic, professional grade face paints made with shea butter and aloe. They are all easily cleaned with water, a dab of soap, and a soft wash cloth. My glitter is all bio-degradable and I use all natural and organic henna.

What is henna?
Henna is a plant. It is dried and ground into a powder and then mixed with lemon, sugar, and essential oils to form henna paste. In paste form, it can sit in intricate designs on the skin and have a slower drying time. It takes 10-20 min to dry and as it does, it stains the skin. The dried paste starts to cracks, like clay, and can be easily rubbed off. The stain will be an orange color which darkens to brown over the next 24-48 hours. Designs last approximately one week.
Some henna artists advertise that their designs will last up to 3 weeks. Natural henna lasts approximately one week. Synthetic additives, which I do not use, can make the designs last longer.

My Background

I am a creator and artist at heart. With a BA in Art, in my past lives I have designed and sewn clothing, made giant paper mache puppets, and dabbled in linocut block prints. In my free time I’m also a movement arts teacher and a circus artist.

My Services

I offer face painting and henna temporary tattoos for kid’s parties, corporate events, women’s circles, and street festivals. Click here to see my prices and message me for availability. Spring, summer, and fall weekends book up, so book in early!

Get in Touch

If you have an event planned and would like to discuss how I can add some more magic, feel free to contact me.
I am always happy to answer questions and brainstorm celebration ideas.