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Before you look any farther I want to tell you something that you may or may not already know. You can do wonder-full things. Amazing, incredible things. Challenging and rewarding things. More than you could ever imagine. It’s true.

And Aerial Silks? It’s for Every Body.

Not just bendy 20-year-olds or single digit kids. But parents and grandparents and folks looking to lose weight and people who can’t touch their toes and folks who work 40 hours a week sitting at a desk.

But you know who it’s especially for? People who want to get get strong. Get more embodied. Learn body awareness. Work hard. And have fun doing it! And learn a cool skill while they’re at it.

I’ve taught math teachers and yoga teachers, horseback riders and home schoolers, grandmas and primary school kids, nurses and construction workers, dancers and hikers and farmers too.

We work on foundations in every class. I believe that if you get the foundations strong and fluid then learning sequences becomes easy. Just a matter of learning the pathway.
That’s why I do mixed level and mixed age classes. Because it’s wonderful to learn together, and no matter where you’re at, we can be working at those foundation level details.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

With everything we do in class, we work on body intelligence (telling one body part to do something and a different body part to do something else, all while holding on or upside down or sideways), alignment and form (keeping muscles engaged that will protect you from the dynamic play of the fabrics), muscle strength and engagement (don’t use what you don’t need to, find places to rest), so much good stuff!

And parents!
Did y’all know that Amethyst Realm the new cacao bar on the South slope is also an all ages playspace? Walking distance to downtown, and kid friendly!
There’s indoors couches with books and games and a big window that looks out onto a fence enclosed play space and hula hoops and bubble machines….so the kids can keep entertained while we get fit with an awesome group of humans! (though your kid is welcome to come to the class too)

Why do I love what I do?
Because every single class someone says to me “it’s so hard” or “I can’t figure it out”
But it’s just like riding a bicycle or learning an instrument. It takes practice. And you get the muscle memory, you learn the body coordination, the tiny adjustments build on each other until…. It makes sense!

And if you just did this impossible thing, then what impossible thing is next?!!

Here’s what folks have said about my Aerial Silks classes:

Jen introduced me to silks after my first baby, which was the best way for me to get back into things. So many people said to me “oh I wouldn’t be strong enough to do that, looks fun tho!” And I would say to them “you do it to GET strong!” These classes were transformational for me, I highly recommend!
-Kim M, Silks 2023

I met Jen back in 2018 when my daughter Poppy joined aerial silks. I watched Jen teach my daughter Poppy, I thought to myself that would be fun to try. So I did. I remember saying to Jen ” I can’t do this!” And Jen replied, “you can” with weeks of lessons , Jen taught me to be strong and to believe in myself that I can do it! She is an amazing teacher and has totally got me obsessed with aerial silks now. I did my first performance this year in front of 150 people. I am so glad that I had Jen for a teacher. She is patient and has a talent in making people feel positive in themselves to succeed and do it. I feel strong and empowered. Thank you Jen!
-SallyAnn D., Silks 2023

Jen, your silks classes were transformative in my life and for many others.
-Shaki C, Silks 2023

I have a blast at Aerial Silks Mohua with Jen Hyde and I can’t keep it to myself! Her guidance is top-notch, plus, she creates this super cool, supportive vibe. Even folx who’d never touched Silks before celebrate beginner moves.
I used to think Silks were way beyond my league, but now I’m stoked to build my body strength and mental trust. Jen’s wisdom is a game-changer. This combination of physical and mental growth in such a supportive environment is so therapeutic and wildly fulfilling for me!

Luz H, Silks, 2023

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